A content management system or CMS is a software that facilitates creating, editing, organizing, and publishing content. Sigosoft mainly deals with Wordpress and Magento CMS. WordPress is a Content Management System that allows you to create and publish your content on the web. WordPress allows users to have full control over the files, documents, as well as the design and display of the content. In the earlier days, an average user or a small company had to rely on static HTML sites because they could not afford a content management system which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. That problem is now solved. WordPress is open source and free for anyone to use.


Web Development

In web development we basically need a web browser, Browsers are the interpreters of the web technologies. Web browsers request information and when they receive it may transform into a user understandable format.Web development comprises of two sides: client side and server side. front-end web development involves everything users see on their screens, important Front-end technology components are HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. Back-end programming languages are used to create the logic of websites and applications. The back-end is comprised of server and database. We often choose latest technologies in trend to our table. We often choose latest technologies in trend to our table.


Mobile App Development

We offer Mobile App development in both iOS and Android together with quality assurance and project management. We have all the expertise you need to produce a fully-fledged, stable product. Whether you need to mobilize existing mobile application, create a mobile extension to an existing system or a brand new mobile solution. Sigosoft has the skills and expertise to build and execute a mobile strategy. Sigosoft offer a wide range of services that cover a variety of technologies. iPhone and Android apps flooding the market android owns 65% of the smartphone market share. Our QA team constantly betters their expertise so we can eliminate even the smallest bugs we check for bugs in business logic and in the general code base. We hand-pick modern technologies so your apps run smoothly and quickly.



Sigosoft has 5+ years of experience in Magento development. We provide enterprise Magento solutions. Sigosoft has a team of capable Magento developers, who can do any level of Magento customizations. Also we have dedicated Magento based Native Android and iOS Mobile Application development team. When coming to eCommerce development, Magento has the best scalability and performance, moreover, Magento is an open-source software. We have integrated various third-party plugins in our projects. As you know, most of the essential features of an eCommerce are already there in Magento. We have built Mobile Applications using the default API’s provided by Magento, also custom API’s we have created to make the Mobile App faster and user-friendly.


Internet Of things

For over a few years Sigosoft have been working to develop and enhance process control systems, communications solutions, sensors and software for the IoT. These technologies enable our customers in industries, utilities and infrastructure to analyse their data more intelligently, optimize their operations, boost their productivity, and their flexibility. We are advancing the IoT by helping our customers develop their existing technologies while keeping sight of our enduring commitment to safety, reliability, cybersecurity and data privacy.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Software offers AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of it's takeover. Sigosoft Pvt Ltd offers industrial IoT solutions combining smart sensors, data fusion and AI-based analytics to increase assets. Using anonymized location data from smartphones, Google Maps (Maps) can analyze the speed of movement of traffic at any given time. And, with its acquisition of crowdsourced traffic app Waze in 2013, Maps can more easily incorporate user-reported traffic incidents like construction and accidents. This is the most common example of AI.