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The most salutary e-learning experience for your pupils

Digitization has taken learning outside the classroom and opens a whole new horizon for the education industry. Around 64% of learners think that accessing learning content from mobile reinforced the learning. Hence, having an e-learning mobile app for your education industry is more than compelling to fuel up the market reach and sales figures.

Sigosoft is the pioneer in developing feature-rich learner-focused e-learning mobile app that puts educations in everyone’s pocket. We house the best of mobile development industry tools & techniques and skilled developers that will design an elite e-learning mobile app for you and help you touch the new heights of success.

Want to see your child immersed in their e-learning app?

At Sigosoft we provide better and innovative ideas in developing e-learning apps to make studies interesting for students. Our creative and innovative team of experts have devised several strategies to attract kids to the e- learning app and learn what they missed or didn't understand at school. The use of our reliable, user- friendly and secure e-learning apps has made us a great competitor amongst other e-learning app development companies in the UK.

What changes can we bring about?

We have introduced several tactics to make learning, not 'studying', interesting for the kids, through thorough research and brainstorming, we found that kids love challenges, hence inclusion of more puzzles, 3D illustrations,etc, can do the trick. We have built customized e-learning apps, on android/iOS, based on our research, to receive overwhelming response from our clients and customers stating Sigosoft is a boon and is the best e-learning app development company in London.

To what extent can students take their studies to the next level?

We love ambitious students, as they help us to focus and prove Sigosoft's worth through our innovations. We project quality content and eye-catching tips that can guide your students in their venture to lead the lives of their dreams.

e-learning Apps - The Success Factors

Mobile apps developed by the expert hands of Sigosoft are growth-driven and laced with the latest technologies.

Reliable performance reporting
Using high-end machine learning algorithms and AI, Sigosoft’s e-learning mobile app delivers quick yet detailed performance reporting helping learners to find out weak areas.
Our mobile app layout is learner-focused and helps learners to learn at their pace with varying dimensions.
Documents, PDF, spreadsheets, videos, or any other file format can be shared with anyone in a fraction of a second by using quick sharing options offered by the mobile app.
We have used high-quality encryption while developing mobile apps for you and ensure you have secure, quick, and one-click payment processing for your business.
By offering learning content in all leading formats, Sigosoft’s mobile apps ensure the highest learner engagement.
Tablet or mobile phone, mobile data or Wi-Fi whichever is available, our mobile app is well-equipped to work par excellently in any of the environment.

Rewards with our e-learning Mobile Application

With our e-learning mobile apps, you can take your business into a high level. Experts at Sigosoft are highly talented to deliver the app as per your requirements. Here is what we offer.

Cut-above learning

You can upload podcasts, learning videos, test, PDF-content, and other learning mechanism using our mobile app and offers a superior learning experience to your learners.

Around the clock assistance

No more half-good learning. The in-app chat feature ensures all learners’ doubts are cleared first-hand.

Better completion rate

Our mobile app concisely presents the content and helps learners to become skilled in targeted areas without any professional mentoring.

Learning on-the-go

As the mobile can accompany the learner anywhere, our mobile app makes learning available on-the-go.

Swift access

As the mobile app makes all types of high-end learning content available over a single swipe, the best of education is now easily accessible for everyone.

Beyond the boundaries operations

Using the mobile app, you can render learning beyond your institute and expand your reach.